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Kai Zhao (赵凯)

Hi, my name is Kai Zhao. ()

Kai ([kaɪ], given name) Zhao ([z:aʊ], family name) is a Chinese name. You can call me 'Kai' when we meet.

I'm currently a Ph.D student at Nankai University, supervised via Prof Ming-ming Cheng. I spent 7 wonderful years in Shanghai University where I got my BS and MS in 2014 and 2017, respectively, under the supervision of Dr. Wei Shen. During my study in SHU, I worked closely with Prof Zhi-jiang Zhang and Prof Dan Zeng.

My research interests mainly focus on Computer Vision, Statistical Learning and Reinforcement Learning.

I'm a history fan especially interested in the history of Ming-Dynasty. Ray Huang and Frederic Wakeman are my favourite historians. I play Dota2 on my spare time, checkout my my Dota2 game statistics on Dota buff. I travel and record by photography, here is my travelling photos.

. Please visit contact for my detailed contact information.

What's New!

  • [2019.07] One paper [project page] has been accepted by ICCV2019.
  • [2019.03] I was invited to be a reviewer for NeurIPS2019.
  • [2019.02] RegularFace[PDF] has been accepted by CVPR2019.
  • [2018.11] I was invited to be a reviewer for ICCV2019.
  • [2018.11] I was invited to be a reviewer for ICML2019.
  • [2018.09] I was invited to be a reviewer for CVPR2019.
  • [2018.09] I started my internship at Panasonic Singapore.
  • [2018.04] Hi-Fi has been accepted to IJCAI2018.
  • [2017.09] LDLFs has been accepted to NIPS 2017.
  • [2017.07] Extended version of DeepSkeleton has been accepted to IEEE Trans on Image Processing.
  • [2016.08] Slides of Tianjin deep learning summer school now available.
  • [2016.03] One paper has been accepted to CVPR2016.

Professional Activities:

  • Conference reviewer: CVPR2019, ICML2019, ICCV2019, NeurIPS2019, AAAI2020, CVPR2020, ECCV2020.
  • Journal reviewer: Neurocomputing, IEEE Trans on CSVT, IEEE Trans on Multimedia, IEEE Trans on Image Processing, Pattern Recognition, Pattern Recognition Letters.